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ChangeNOW is another leading non-custodial crypto exchange . We’re working hard to introduce all the novelties, endorse new coins, give the best deals to our customers, and so on; however, there’s more. In reality, you can partner for us and make money together! ChangeNOW provides an affiliate program that you can engage in right now (and make free bitcoins).

What’s the affiliate program?
If the word itself is new to you, let us clarify what the affiliate system is. The Affiliate System is a kind of partnership between a corporation and its partners. Throughout this situation, the partners are selling the company’s services but are paying a fee Bitcoin exchange for their work. Moreover, the benefit is shared – the company receives the requisite exposure and raises its income while the partner earns a portion of the turnover. Free, they’re all happy.
ChangeNOW affiliate
Our exchange provides a variety of forms of cooperation.
Firstly, it is the API.
The ChangeNOW API can incorporate into the services of our partner (particularly cryptocurrency-related services, most sure). API incorporation is usually a great way not only to receive some cash benefits but also to grow the possibilities for your own business. Don’t worry about the entire integration process – that’s not as daunting as it sounds, and our security team should be there to help! Internal API has all the comprehensive technical details you need with a developer. Its affiliate is operating on the HTTPS protocol, including a variety of methods for the queries to been played and the responses to received for each service. Please send us your questions regarding our API via e-mail.
Reference ties are the following partner situation.
That is probably the best way to receive free bitcoins through our cryptocurrency exchange affiliate network. What you need to is provide referral links on every social network via internet forums (trying to send them with your friends and relatives functions fine, too).

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Bret Doyle

Bret Doyle